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The Office of Fair Trading

Diane Bailey Associates (DBA) is working with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to develop and deliver a Customer Service Development Programme (CSDP) for the whole of the Operations Team. The Programme was undertaken by nearly 70 staff from Human Resources (HR), Finance (FIN), Facilities Management (FM) and Information Technology (IT) throughout Spring 2007. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in PDF format).

The Health and Safety Executive

DBA has been working on a major project with the Health and Safety Executive on a major training and development project since September 2005. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in MS Word format).

Role Profiles for IT Staff in the Home Office

We are delighted to be collaborating with Learning Management Services on a project with the Home Office Police, Impact Programme. Learning Management Services is currently helping the Impact team to write role profiles for their IT staff within the SFIA framework (Skills Framework for the Information Age), the leading IT competency framework. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in MS Word format).

Presentation Skills and the Learning Skills Council

We have recently completed a series of workshops on presentation skills for managers and senior managers in the Learning Skills Council (LSC). These two one day programme were presented to appropriate LSC participants in a number of LSC offices across England. The programmes designed for us by our valued associate, Clare Forrest, are innovative and very motivating. They aim to equip managers to maximise their impact and persuasiveness in a range of formal and informal, planned and unplanned situations, inside and outside the workplace.

Additionally, the programmes addressed the important issues of personal effectiveness. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in MS Word format).

The Sector Skills Development Agency

Since Autumn 2005, we have been working with the Sector Skills Development Agency (SSDA) on two specially designed programmes:

  1. Coaching in a day-to day context
  2. Project management ways of working.

We have designed both programmes for SSDA (see below for further information) and during the period December 2005 and November 2006 everyone employed by SSDA will attend both programmes as part of the major development programme operating 2005 - 2007 across SSDA.

Coaching Skills and the Sector Skills Development Agency

We are currently involved in delivering a series of two day courses on coaching to all managers and staff of the Sector Skills development Agency (SSDA). SSDA sees coaching as a skill set which will support their agreed values and behaviours and be useful in contacts between colleagues or between staff and clients as well as in specific development discussions.

We have put together a two day programme for SSDA which is very participative and practical. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in MS Word format)

Project Management Ways of Working

Another element of the overall SSDA Development programme with which we are involved is a series of two day workshops entitled "Project Management Ways of Working". Everyone at the SSDAS will be attending one of these events, as part of their own development, during 2006.

The two day programme returns to the basics of project management and offers opportunities for practical work using relevant tools and approaches. To read more about the project, download a detailed overview (in MS Word format).


DBA contract with Security Industry Authority

The SIA are tasked with bringing improved standards and regulation to the Security Industry in England and Wales as a result of the Private Security Industry Act. The SIA have developed a new standard for the industry and are in the process of preparing to launch a new scheme for Approved Security Contractors. To enable assessment of companies against the new standard there are several assessing bodies being appointed and subsequently trained to assess against the new standard.

DBA's role in the process is to develop the training materials and processes to enable the scheme to go live with competent assessors in place. The DBA work, by our associate Wyn Llewellyn, started in August and we expect to have delivered a full programme to the first group of lead assessors by the end of November/early December. The plan is then to review that experience and further develop the lead assessors as in-house trainers for their assessing bodies. That part of the work should be completed by early January 2006.

One of the distinctive aspects of this programme is the establishment of a Community of Practice for the Lead Assessors to help each other develop professional and consistent assessment processes while not compromising any commercial advantages that they feel they have in their own organisations.


Service Standards

DBA is currently working with DEFRA to introduce managers across the organization to the recently agreed overarching customer service standards. DBA has designed a workshop to enable managers to consider the core standards and begin the process of customising them for their part of the DEFRA family.

Workshops are being run in London, Bristol and York over the period February to April 2005.


Museum Visitor Operations Staff

We have begun work on a fascinating project with the London based Natural History Museum. The museum has recently introduced a new Brand with associated values and behaviours.

DBA is designing and will implement a development programme for the staff and managers of the Visitor Operations Group. The programme will run across the period April to August and will involve six core modules, to be attended by all members of the group.

A secondary programme will run alongside the core programme, this second programme will be for members of the team, supervisors and staff who have volunteered to take control of the programme once we have withdrawn from it. These 'tutors' will be trained in project management, the design and development of training materials and in the skills of presentation, facilitation and coaching. This team will design further modules and deliver core and future modules to new and existing staff.

We are particularly happy to be working on this two-strand programme because by engendering real ownership in the tutor group, we will ensure that the whole programme continues and prospers.

Greater Machester Police contract

DBA has recently been awarded a framework contract with Greater Manchester Police. This is one of five such contracts awarded after more than 100 training organizations applied. We look forward to working with the Greater Manchester Police.


Diversity Training for Greenwich NHS Teaching PCT

We have now finished a major project on managing Diversity with Greenwich NHS Teaching Primary Care Trust. Since November 2003 we have researched, designed, piloted and run 35 one day workshops on Diversity for the staff of the PCT. Everyone from the Chairman and Chief Executive to the newest part-time administrative assistant has attended the programme.

The workshops were particularly interesting in that they presented a very holistic view of diversity and were designed to offer participants an opportunity to consider the diverse population served by the PCT and to examine whether the services being provided were correctly targeted and presented to the many groups represented in Greenwich's population.

In addition to this outward look at Diversity and its needs, participants had the opportunity to consider the causes and manifestations of discrimination and to discuss ways of challenging inappropriate beliefs and behaviours and to identify the personal contribution they could make.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • enable Greenwich PCT staff to provide better support for the diverse local population
  • assist Greenwich PCT staff to recognise and manage diversity within the workplace.

On completion of the workshop participants were able to:

  • identify the forces driving the Trust's concern for diversity
  • explain how these forces affect both participants and the Trust
  • explain what diversity means - for participants, the Trust and Greenwich
  • describe how diversity can benefit participants, the Trust and Greenwich
  • identify discriminating behaviours and their causes, and the remedies required to manage these
  • challenge assumptions about current practice and behaviours - both their own and those of others
  • develop and implement new, different and considered approaches to their work
  • plan for and respond to the needs of different individuals and groups.

The expected outcomes of the whole programme were:

  • improved services for the community of Greenwich
  • better health for community of Greenwich
  • improved job experience and job opportunities for those working within the Trust
  • increased understanding and improved relationships between groups and individuals
  • better working environment
  • where appropriate, new or improved working practices.

We are carefully evaluating the workshops. On a five point scale ( 5 being highest and 1 the lowest). 92% of participants have rated the workshop (5) and (4) in answer to the question "Did the programme meet the stated objectives?"

When asked what they have learned, participants provided on open answer. These included:

  • "How to challenge false beliefs"
  • "Better understanding about Diversity, being reassured that there is no one right or wrong answer"
  • "Clarification and reinforcement around the Belief Cycle"
  • "Legal aspects of Diversity as well as what is actually meant about positive and direct discrimination"
  • "Reinforced the fact that as an individual I can make a difference, particularly when conscious of the legal and policy framework"
  • "To have respect for other individuals"
  • "To be more accepting than tolerant in my workplace and my life"
  • "Awareness of how easily I can slip into stereotypes"
  • "Updated information on the laws which govern Diversity"
  • "Recognising valuing and positively managing the difference between people regardless of age, religion etc"
  • "I am now aware of what 'Diversity' involves and how, to some extent, it can affect everyone"
  • "All sections of Greenwich PCT appear to encounter the same discrimination problems"
  • "I know what they mean when you talk about Diversity"
  • "Implications of Diversity - application of term in employment setting"
  • "How this training may fit into promoting longer-term changes in the PCT - in relation to our culture, service development, employ practice"
  • "Thought-provoking issues, understanding benefits of Diversity, to be more proactive in challenging others behaviour and overall better understanding of Diversity"
  • "How working practice/relationships and teamwork can be improved and the knock-on effect"
  • "How vast Diversity is and how much we accept and do not challenge because "We know it will never change" when really we do have the power to change things - it's how we approach it"
  • "Respect of other people, taking responsibility and reflecting on my own beliefs and values. Taking action to challenge Diversity issues"
  • "How diversity can benefit me, the Trust and Greenwich"
  • "How to provide appropriate support to Greenwich's diverse population"
  • "How to recognise and manage Diversity within my office and my colleagues and professionals outside my place of work"
  • "An awareness of Diversity and what it implies for the workplace and beyond".


Behaviour Management

We have been invited by Lloyds TSB to design a programme for 40+ Personnel Consultants. Several of the two-day programmes will be run in February 2004. The aims of the programme are to enable participants to: - consider how best to cope with difficult or angry people - consider how appropriate language and behaviours can defuse aggression - focus on issues/problems rather than emotions - develop personal and team coping and support strategies - distance themselves from negative emotions - prepare for the emotional as well as the procedural aspects of contact with clients.


In 2002/2003 DBA contributed seven tutor/facilitators to the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) massive Leadership for Change Programme (10,000 managers). We facilitated 165 workshops and contributed 412 days to the total project. DBA has now been asked to contribute a team of six facilitators to the new Leadership for Results programme which is being run by the Disability and Carers Service (part of DWP). This programme extends the concepts of the Leadership for Change to 2500 first line managers and will run through to March 2004.

Tips and Tools 

DBA regularly issues free editions of their publication Tips and Tools (copies available from this site). Recent Tips and Tools have addressed:

  • Summer 2003 - Tips on Team Building
  • Spring 2003 - Tips on Leadership
  • Winter 2002 - The Development of Senior Managers and Directors: an overview
  • Autumn 2002- The Development of Senior Managers and Directors: an overview
  • Summer 2002 - 360 Degree Feedback
  • Spring 2002 - Induction

DBA Recent Publication News 

DBA is now a qualified supplier for Ufi

Ufi is taking forward the Government's concept of the University for Industry. It aims to provide information and advice to 2.5 million people a year by 2002, and create demand for up to one million courses and learning packages by 2004 - to be met by the Ufi network and existing learning providers, such as DBA . Ufi aims to put people in a better position to get jobs, improve their career prospects and boost business competitiveness.


DBA is now an accredited supplier for S-Cat. 

DBA has recently been granted a contract by S-Cat to supply services under the categories HR Consultancy and Training to the many public sector clients registered with S-Cat. 
DBA will be liaising with S-Cat to publicise the catalogue and to ensure that all existing and prospective clients are aware of the range of services available. 

The S-Cat web site is:

DBA and Martin Henfield

Amongst our associates we are pleased to number Martin Henfield, TV and radio presenter and media specialist. Martin has worked as a reporter, producer, editor and senior manager in BBC Radio and TV for 26 years. He has extensive experience as a media trainer and as a trainer in effective communications. 

Working with Martin, DBA can now offer a range of programmes on communications topics such as dealing with media, handling audiences and improving your presentations. 
If this is an area in which you or any of your colleagues are interested, why not get in touch to discuss how we can help. 

DBA Corporate Brochure

Our corporate brochure explains much of what you will learn about us from our website - and more besides about DBA and our history as one of the UK's leading training providers. 

If you would like to have a copy of our brochure, then simply contact us today and we'll pop one in the post to you. 
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