Who we are


Our Mission Statement

"We are a training and development consultancy which is customer driven, research based, creative, innovative, and which works to ensure that learning takes place via cost effective solutions."

Our Track Record

Founded in 1982, we have a proven track record in:

  • increasing return on investment in people
    • we design effective and stimulating training and development programmes which enable people to perform to the peak of their ability, and which assist performance improvement and personal development
  • planning for the skills challenge of the future
    • our experience in conducting training needs analyses helps customers to identify and provide for their skill development needs, now and into the future
  • dealing with the challenge of constant change
    • our flexiblity and responsiveness mean that we can help you and your staff to adapt quickly and continuously in line with changing pressures and demands. Our experience of introducing change management programmes has helped a range of organizations to introduce and implement change effectively
  • searching for ways to be better than the rest
    • by sharing with you our wide knowledge and experience of 'best practice' gained from both the public and private sectors, we can inform and help to develop your ideas on and approaches to people development
  • producing reliable, cost effective solutions to training and development problems and needs
    • our results-focused approach to training and development and our ability to complete projects quickly and always to deadline will deliver the solutions you need, with the minimum of fuss and with maximum effectiveness.