The Three Rs

Results | Reliability | Range

What can DBA do for you and your organization?


  • 30,000 training days saved annually
  • Millions of pounds reduction in major retailer’s shrinkage
  • Major culture change in pharmaceutical manufacturing plant

How did DBA help achieve these results?

DBA contributed to these results by working with clients to:

  • Transfer key learning materials into a distance learning format
  • Train 27,000 staff and managers in 700 stores across the country
  • Change attitudes and culture over a three year period leading to the highest recorded level of customer satisfaction


Results | Reliability | Range



  • Established in October 1982
  • Recorded track record of absolute reliability for on time delivery of results
  • High numbers of returning clients
  • Testimonials available on DBA website

Example of project reliability

Our proven network of associates enables us to deliver small or large scale projects effectively. During 2002-3, DBA participated in the DWP’s Leadership for Change Project. We provided seven facilitators, worked on 165 workshops and contributed over 400 consultant days over eight months. We made a major, acknowledged contribution to this successful initiative.

In our 27 years of operation, we have:

  • Met every deadline
  • Completed every assignment to the client’s satisfaction
  • Proved the effectiveness of our project based working
  • Proved our reliability
  • Achieved the highest quality results


Results | Reliability | Range



Range of projects

We operate across the training and development cycle and manage successful projects of all sizes in:

  • Training and development needs analysis
  • Design and development of materials, events and programmes for all levels of staff and management
  • Delivery and facilitation of solutions from one day events to e-learning, blended training solutions and major programmes
  • Evaluation of training design, provision and delivery at levels one to four (inclusive)

Range of expertise and experience

The combined experience and expertise of our consultants is such that we can operate across a very wide range of subject areas and training media. Our web page contains brief details of DBA consultants. All are experienced mature professionals. Most have had general management experience in industry, commerce, the public sector or their own businesses in addition to their proved HR and training expertise. We are competent to address business training and development needs as well as those of individuals and groups.

Results | Reliability | Range

What can DBA do for you and your organisation?

HR Consultancy

  • Appraisal systems
  • Competencies
  • Culture change and change management
  • Investors in People
  • Performance management systems
  • Staff and communication strategies
  • Training and development plans, policies and strategies
  • Psychometrics


Training Topics include:


Appraisal and performance
management training

Absence management Internal consultancy skills
Blended learning Leadership and teamwork
Change management Management development
Coaching Negotiation and persuasion
Customer service Open and distance learning
Designing training materials Project management
Diversity Supervisory skills
E-learning Stress management

The Three Rs

Results | Reliability | Range

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