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From personal experience we know how difficult it can be for busy training professionals to keep abreast of new ideas and developments in the field of training. Pressures of work - and the demands on your time to help others with their development - leaves precious little time for your own development.

We have included this page on our website, because we recognise it as an opportunity to support our fellow training professionals, by sharing some of the ideas and approaches which we have used in our own training projects. We also want this page to talk directly to line managers, about some of the people and organization development challenges which they may face in their work.

We will be continually adding to the information that is contained here. As this is a new website the topics currently represented are relatively limited. But we will add to them over the coming months and - sooner or later - we hope to hit on a topic or idea which is relevant to you.

We would also greatly welcome any suggestions from you, as to what topics we should be tackling within this page of our website. If you have a specific training project on hand at the moment, and you want to know how other organizations have tackled similar projects - just let us know and we'll see what we can do to help you find out.

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